Calm the Colic Toolkit

20 Expert Tools To Soothe Your Baby's Cries in Just Minutes!

What if it was easy to settle your crying baby every time? What if you could rule out serious medical conditions and feel confident instead of helpless? How about learning these skills in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee? Does that sound do-able? It is!

Let me guess,

Right about now you feel like you have hit a wall! Pregnancy; labor; delivery; and you are just getting started. Your body has changed. Your relationships have changed. Your very soul has changed.

You're experiencing a shear exhaustion like you have never known. You have a beautiful new baby who you want to enjoy but they are crying non-stop. You don't know if there is something really wrong with them - or with you - or if this is just how it is supposed to be. 

Or maybe you you feel

  • Defeated
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Did I mention, EXHAUSTED?!

What if you could learn how to turn things around in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee??

Gain the comfort and joy you deserve quickly with my fast, easy presentation. Only available at this opening price for a few weeks. Buy Now to get instant access. The whole program takes less then 20 minutes!

Course curriculum

    1. Bonus: Extra Content (Start Here!)

    2. Calm the Colic Toolkit Video

    3. Calm the Colic Tracker Sheet

    4. Calm the Colic Quick Reference

About this course

  • $10.00
  • Introduction Video
  • 10 Minute Presentation
  • 2 Download & Print PDFs


(not THE Creator, of course, just the creator of this course)

Deanna Van Pyrz

Newborn Care Specialist & Postpartum Doula

I am a seasoned newborn care specialist & postpartum doula with a passion for supporting parents through the fourth trimester. I have had the privilege of taking care of newborn babies for many years, mainly by providing overnight respite care while parents catch up on sleep. Recently I began to realize that I only have so many hours a week, a month, a year. I thought, how can I offer my support to more families in such a limited amount of time? How can I remove the obstacles which are keeping parents from enjoying their precious new baby? It is my true heart's desire to help as many families as possible. This is why I am beginning to create some single topic lessons at a very low price point. My goal is to simplify the information and get it out there so that it may be quickly implemented for immediate results. And since the need for virtual coaching, education, guidance, and overall postpartum support is at an all-time high, especially in this disconnected post-pandemic age, I will be cranking out a series of lessons over the next six months while I transition to being available for virtual one on one Postpartum care.

Here's What You Get

  • 2 Minute Starter Video

  • Easy Tracker Printable

  • Next is the main content. A 10 minute video with some relaxing ambient music to add to your "me time" You can pause at any time or let it play. I have left plenty of time to read each slide. This is where you will get 20 tools to draw upon to quickly calm your baby's 'colic' and leave everyone feeling more at ease. Each tool includes the HOW and the WHY

  • Printable pdf Quick Reference List


  • Will this work for me?

    I designed this toolkit to be especially simple and easy to use so that you will be able to QUICKLY grasp the important concepts that are key to stop the cries!

  • Is it too much to remember? I'm. So. Tired. Already.

    Not at all! That's why I put together a printable Reference List.

  • How will I know if I'm doing it right?

    Oh, you'll know! I mean, give yourself a hot second to practice, but you got this.

  • How long will it take?

    Pour yourself a cup of coffee and in no time you will have it all laid out for you. Here's the thing, I know you don't have time to read a book or scroll through a hundred online articles. This is short and sweet and it targets just what you NEED RIGHT NOW.

  • How many times can I watch the lessons?

    Once you purchase this lesson, you have unlimited access!

  • Do I really need this?

    Come on, do you really want to spend another week, day, MINUTE, feeling miserable and helpless that you don't know how to calm your baby?

  • Is this lesson just for moms?

    Certainly not. So many people can learn from this quick and easy video. -First time parents -Not so first time parents -Parents who haven't had a baby in quite a few years -Family helpers -Grandparents -Primary Caregivers -Experienced caregivers who need a little refresher -ANYONE who could use more confidence in their skills

  • When can I start?

    No time like the present. That little one is not going anywhere, so why wait? These are some seriously useful skills. Besides, this price won't last for long. Two weeks after I launch, I will be raising the price.

  • How do I get the video lesson?

    Just click on any of the BUY NOW or ENROLL buttons on this page. You need to sign in to the platform called "thinkific" but don't panic -- you can use your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn profile to sign up in just ONE CLICK. Checkout with credit card or Paypal and you will get access immediately.

Bonus Material

In addition to the main video presentation, I have added 3 bonus items!

  • Starter Video

    $50 value

    Starter video BONUS: This is a short but mighty block of crucial knowledge which illustrates common medical issues to rule out before moving ahead. It includes symptoms and causes of the most common curable problems that I see in my work.

  • Tracking Sheet

    $15 value

    Download and print my easy tracker to help reveal any food related issues as learned in the starter bonus video. I designed this to be super easy for YOU. There is a column of times and all you have to do is put a check mark at feeding times and rate the baby's behavior/crying severity.

  • Quick Reference

    $15 value

    Finally, I have included a printable pdf Quick Reference List of all the tools you have just learned. Pop it up on the fridge, in the nursery, on the bathroom mirror! Next time you are too tired or stressed out to think, just get your eyes on the list and it will all come back to you!


“Deanna shows care, compassion and great interest in her work. She has a talent and a gift for caring for young children and newborns. She is also a good communicator and shows a good touch with families and new parents. I am very glad I have the opportunity to know her, and that she could care for my newborn son.”

J. Cholewinski

“I don't even know where to start when describing how thankful I was we hired Deanna for her services. She was a huge help to both my wife and I for the first couple weeks of bringing our first child home. She made us feel at complete ease with the ups and downs of becoming new parents. Deanna was well versed in newborn care and was there to help us every step of the way and ease any worries we had. I don't know what we would have done without her those first couple of weeks.”

J. Ellis

Who is this for?

  • Birth Parent

    I know you, mama. I've been you. Overwhelmed, bone-weary, reeling from the intense emotions you have yet to process. Perhaps you are struggling to give too much of yourself to your toddler or your spouse. Or stressing about returning to work soon. I got you!

  • Non Birth Parent

    Dads / Partners, Your relationship to you baby stands on its own and is just as important! These tools will help you develop your own bond. There's no better feeling than being secure in your ability to settle your baby. Feel the love!

  • Other Care Givers

    Helping out the family with their infant? How great will you feel when the parents see how comfortable the baby is with you? That alone is a true relief for them. And you can gain the knowledge to be self-assured in your care giving skills.

OK, How Does This Work Again?

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Just think, TOMORROW could look like this:

Calmly watch your baby sleep and take in all the beauty of this new creation. Just be present and joyful.

Don't miss out on this intro offer. It will only be this price for a few weeks. Why wait? Your baby needs you to be your best self and this will get you there!!

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20 Expert Tools to Stop Baby's Cries Immediately

Achieve the confidence and serenity you need with tried and true soothing techniques from an expert.


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